Celebrate the 75th in a big way

Although the book includes the content of previous publications (i.e. Baie-Comeau 1937-1987 and Baie-Comeau 1988-1997), the editorial team made sure to revise everything. Indeed, it has added several new information to these parts. The thematic sections have been redone, offering original material from all points of view. Not to mention that texts on before-Baie-Comeau and the Old Post of Manicouagan will delight history lovers.

For the last part, the milestones of the past fifteen years have been grouped into five sections. Like the first two books, the reader can learn from events covering politics, economy, social, sports and culture. Finally, the iconography has been redone. Sometimes because the original photographs were no longer available, but also in the interests of  showing th best possible pictures.